BioRings is a multipurpose preventative technology (MPT) for women’s reproductive and sexual health using an intra-vaginal ring (IVR)

Benefits of this new, effective prevention technology:
  • Multipurpose Preventative Technology (MPT) (contraception/Anti-HIV/combination)
  • Non-Hormonal (No hormone related side effects)
  • Effective Locally (No systemic side effects)
  • Improves compliance (Once a month application)
  • More convenient (28 day delivery) (No daily pills)
  • Empowers women to prevent unintended pregnancy

The BioRing is a biocompatible intra-vaginal ring composed of nanoporous elastomere hydrogel for the delivery of safe contraceptives and/or anti-HIV agents. The IVR will be an effective multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) for protection against both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted HIV infection.

This novel and convenient IVR is a reliable, easy-to-use device that can prevent the harmful side effects of long-term hormonal contraceptive use. It can improve women’s lives by providing a better quality of maternal and fetal health, especially in regions where unsafe sex is the largest cause of disease in females. It is an innovative approach for family planning and protection against sexually transmitted infections that women can control themselves. The drugs and IVR are made of compounds that are already FDA approved for human use.

Benefits of Being Non-Hormonal

Being non-hormonal, BioRings empowers ALL women to be in control of their sexual health and prevent against unintended pregnancies or space out their pregnancies safely. Women who are smokers, over the age of 35, have a history of hormone related cancers, women in a hyper-coaguable state, and lactating mothers can all use BioRings safely and conveniently.

The Device

This intra-vaginal device is made up of an organic, biocompatible hydrogel. A naturally occurring compound was used to synthesize a polymer which was formed into a ring for easy insertion and local drug delivery.